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    Sandstone Flooring, Kitchens and Bathrooms in Melbourne

    At Amalgamated Stone, we have over 40 years’ experience providing high-quality stone solutions to customers throughout Melbourne, Victoria, southern New South Wales and Tasmania. If you’re looking for a stunning stone solution for your kitchen, bathroom, floor or outdoor area, call 03 9489 7866 to arrange a consultation.

    High-quality sandstone products

    Sandstone, also known as arenite, is a sedimentary rock that’s predominantly made up of sand minerals and rock grains. Sandstone also tends to be composed of quartz and/or feldspar – these are the most common sand-sized minerals to be found in the earth’s crust and are therefore common to see in many forms of natural stone. 

    Just like sand, sandstone can form into all different colours and shades, making them an excellent option when it comes to interior design. However, the most common colours are yellow, tan, brown, pink, grey, red, white and black. As sandstone is found all over the world, different climates can cause the rock to form in different shapes and colours. This causes many kinds of unique sandstone to be associated with specific regions, forming almost their own brand of sandstone.

    At Amalgamated Stone, we offer an excellent range of sandstone products to suit a range of applications. From indoor and outdoor flooring and paving to decorative pillars and wall cladding, we’re sure our experienced team will be able to meet your needs.

    For more information about our high-quality sandstone products or to arrange a consultation, call our friendly team today on 03 9489 7866 .

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